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July 31

Kahlilla has endured a very ordinary few days in hospital with boredom being the only serious threat.

The doctors seem to have found the right antibiotics because Lill's temperature has been largely under control, and she has been able to be her usual cuddly, affectionate, playful, giggling, loving little self.

July 27

Kahlilla awoke this morning feeling much better and she was trolleyed up to her new bed in the Oncology ward. Let's hope her stay is a short one.

Poppy came to do the next shift and Lill's tired Nanny drove home for a good rest after only 3 hours sleep in the emergency department last night.

Nellie and Collie are still a bit crook, so they are resting for a few more days at home.

Thank god for parents!

July 26

Well, our little girl held out as long as she could, but when she elected to fall asleep very early last night, we knew she was one step closer to a hospital visit.

At around 9pm, her temperature rose, we woke her and Nanny came to take Kahlilla to the hospital. The poor child was quite unimpressed, but soon looked on the bright side ... The Starlight Room, the nice bed, the nice nurses, the nice visitors, the hospital food!!

Nanny and Kahlilla spent the night in emergency because the hospital was so full. Kahlilla was dripped up with the usual anti biotics. A blood test confirmed the absence of white blood cells and very low reds also. She was given a blood transfusion as her temperature almost hit 40 deg C.

July 25

We have been on high alert at home, waiting for Kahlilla's temperature to soar, as we do not want a repeat of June 9th. Lill is so patient and is putting up with having a thermometer pushed into her ear every 5 minutes.

Colin, Mum and Indi are all unwell but Kahlilla is just fine. This is Day 9 after the start of the last chemo and she should not have 2 neutrophils to rub together... hmmmmm. Kahlilla has a cough, sore throat and a runny nose and she should be feeling terrible.

The good aspect to feeling fine, is that Kahlilla stays at home, more than happy to share and create beautiful moments. (see Photo Below).

Sleepy Girls

July 25

Well, it has been a lovely few days at home for Kahlilla (and of course for us also). The first item on the "TO DO" List was to have a party for Mum, who had her birthday a few days ago while Lill was in hospital.

We had dinner at Nanny's and Kahlilla and Indigo decorated a cake with heaps and heaps of candles on it. Photographers were refused entry to the event to ensure the age of this wonderful lady remains a secret!

Lill's days have been filled with trampolines, sunshine, marshmallows and beaches. Indi was granted a special day off school just so she could play with her sister for the whole day instead of just in the evenings.

Beach Babe

July 22

Lill came home this afternoon after sailing through 4 days of intensive chemo without so much as a flinch.

There is always time to have your nails done

These boots were made for walkin'

Lill with her new pet

July 19

The hospital session so far has been just great. It started with a drive through the pouring rain where Kahlilla saw the most stunning rainbow. She sat and stared at it .... stunned and smiling.

At the hospital, Kahlilla passed the blood test and the doctor's examination, then we went to the cafe for lunch prior to admission. (No McDonalds for this girl!)

We always have sushi at the hospital caff. Note the soy sauce addiction. The taste buds of this chemo patient favour the savory and sour

Mum was avoiding the hospital with a runny nose, so communication was strictly by telephone

Lill's window sill dolphin display

July 16

Well we have procrastinated as long as we could. Tomorrow, Kahlilla gets admitted for Round 3 of her chemo. We have delayed so much in fact that Kahlilla has a beautiful 5 o'clock shadow over her head.

She had a great day with Mum and Indi. She is so loving and lovable. Please wish her well and keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

July 15

Mum bought a new bunk bed for Indi and Kahlilla and it is the coolest bed in the whole world.

Lill enjoying her new starry bed with Harry Potter

July 14

Sorry about the lack of journal entries, but we have had a crazy week. The first excuse is that we have been trying to set up a new computer. The old Pentium 233 just wasn't up to the job any longer.

The second excuse is that on the morning of her hospital admission, Kahlilla awoke with a huge temperature. After a visit to the local doctor and a phone call to the oncologist, Kahlilla's chemo was deferred for one week. Of all the rotten luck!!!! Just as she was feeling so vital and happy and full of energy too.

So we removed the hot water bottles from under her jumper and rubbed off the crayon spots we drew on her cheeks (It fools the doctor every time!) then we got on with enjoying life for another week outside the hospital with our precious girlie.

Lill had a fever for 24 hours but she was quite happy during it all, albeit a little tired. A particularly gorgeous moment was her futile attempt to give Collie Dad a butterfly kiss with her last remaining eye lash, whispering "Can you feel that? Does it feel nice on your cheek?" How could you reply to that question with a "NO"?

It has been very rainy of late , so we mostly kept ourselves entertained indoors. Kahlilla helping to juice up some yummy organic carrots, beetroot, celery, apple and pumpkin. She did a great job and it was so yummy.


Kahlilla spent a few hours with Lou and they went for a walk after the rain looking for frogs... and they found some!


Lou fed Kahlilla a yummy lunch then put her to work earning her keep in the garden.


Lou's daughter, Arabella came home later in the day and she played with her friend, Kahlilla.


This week held many special moments, like watching a movie with Collie whilst sitting in a hot deep bath. A little indulgent but perfect for a special treat.


Kahlilla and her koala friend

July 11

Uncle Craig and Gerg came to visit and Kahlilla was just thrilled to share her home with them.

Lill is happy, but Indi is head over heels

July 10

How lovely it is to have our beautiful little kids home again.

What a beautiful little heart

The past few days have been filled with cosy evenings by the fire, trampolines and walks along the beaches. Kahlilla is so full of energy and joy. She is simply glowing with her love for life. She seems to have a permanent beaming smile. She is strong and healthy and put on heaps of weight thanks to Mum's continued efforts in piling the good food into Lilly's mouth.

We are trying our best not to think about tomorrow, when round 3 of chemo commences.

Last night was Mellman's birthday and Kahlilla helped Mum make a heart shaped block of chocolate, which was then decorated with candles.

Lilly and Mellman

Lilly and Mellman

July 8

What an incredible week for Mum and her girls.

The first stop was the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Kid

Lilly inside the old lighthouse light

Kahlilla with the crusty old lighthouse keeper

In the doorway of the lighthouse with her Uncle Craig and Auntie Jessie

In the window of the lighthouse

Playing with her loving uncle (Indi is coping well after the amputation)

Uncle Craig's friends operate an animal refuge where they care for animals that have been injured or orphaned. The girls were given a beautiful opportunity to get up close and help care for the wallabies, kangaroos and koalas.

Feeding the baby koala

Feeding the baby kangaroo

Then it was off to Warrnambool for the Kids Festival, which was just amazing.

Indi and Kahlilla did some cooking

Acrobats showing off for Indi

Kahlilla showing off for the Acrobats

Nice chicks

Nice chick

As gentle as a lamb

There was so much to do that Kahlilla didn't know if she was coming or going

Friendly sisters

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